Monday, December 8, 2014

I'm the Birthday Bitch!

I have always been a birthday person. That obnoxious person that insists on telling any and everyone that its their birthday and creates a Facebook event for whatever I end up doing? Yep, that's me. That person who sings and jumps around the bar to Taylor Swift's song, '22' when they turned 22? Riiiight here. Needless to say, folks were surprised when I said that my birthday this year would be preeetty low key.

My birthday was yesterday, in case you missed the billboard in Times Square. Jk, that didn't happen. Honestly, not much was different besides the fact that I filled it with my favorite things. I woke up and Leon gave me my gift, which was a handwritten letter that made me cry (per usual) and a $100 gift card to Old Navy! Hollaaaa!! Super cheap and amazing quality workout clothes, and their normal clothes are just as cute for the young professional! Then I went to my faaavorite kickboxing class, because I burn easily 1000 calories in that class, and ya girl was tryin to make some room for the macros that were about to not be followed during the day.

sorry not sorry. just keepin it real.

The boyfriend and I got Vietnamese after lounging around for a bit, and sweet babybee geezus it was AMAZE. We were regulars and haven't been since we moved in July and we were scared they wouldn't remember us, but no worries, free drinks as always #perks. I got rare steak pho (HOLY YUM) and boyfriend got chicken curry. Hilarity ensued. This lady who didn't speak that great of English asked me to take a picture of her. No big deal, I gotchu girl. And then she said she didn't like it and was trying to get me to understand what to do.. Whatever, I gotchu.....and then she asked me to get up OUT of my seat and take another picture. At this point I'm like wait what am I on Punk'd? I have a very animated face, so people were starting to laugh, as it is a very small restaurant and I was very amused. Apparently she didn't like my picture taking skills because she asked another girl to take her picture. Little bitch. She then proceeded to take selfies for the next 20 minutes. Mind you, she was at least 40. Do you, boo. If you're ever in the area, hit up Pho Factory in Alexandria, VA and you won't be disappointed! 

Afterwards, I got froyo because it's my weakness and I haven't had it in easily 3 months. I don't care that its freezing outside or that we were the only people in the shop. My name is Crystal and I'm addicted to froyo. Plus they had eggnog flavor AND peppermint/chocolate mixed soooo I was basically forced against my will. Went and saw my mom and low and behold, she got me a Nutribullet!!! 
I'll unpack it and show you guys when I use it/probably break it!

Almost peed my pantaloons. I think she feels guilty for buying me crap gifts as a kid so I always get bombass birthday gifts now. I'm not even saying that to be a snotball, we all laugh about it now. She would get me coats and scarves most years, ya know essentials. That's what I get for being a winter baby born 2 weeks from Christmas.

Moving on, the boyfriend and I drove up to Silver Spring, MD for dinner and a concert and had a great time! We went to La Malinche, a Mexican tapas restaurant. It. was. amazing. Bacon wrapped dates filled with cheese are my new favorite thing. So if you feel like sending me some, I'd be ok with that. The show we went to was Leon's favorite rapper, Jay Electronica, and it was pretty good! I realized yet again that I am very miniature sized compared to the rest of the world. Barely 5'4 and I couldn't see a damn thing in the standing room only venue the whole time. Sigh, to be tall.. Also, everyone I told was freaking out about us going to a show he wanted to go to on my birthday, but I really didn't see the big deal? I know its his fav, so I'd just be an asshole for saying no, plus we don't have shit else to do. We're the youngest old people in the world. We actually left the show early because it was a 40 minute drive home, Jay had already performed, and we both realized that it was 10:45. Wayyyy past our bedtime. We laughed about it, drove home, and played with Tiger for a bit to wear her out before bed. All in all, solid birthday full of good food and fun times!

Ugh, I know you guys missed her sweet face.



  1. Happy belated birthday! I love that you took a kickboxing class so you could eat. I do the same thing on my birthday or date nights! I am going to earn those calories!

    And I love that you are young old people. That made me laugh!

  2. A very, very, belated happy birthday! Still catching up from when I was gone a whole week like 2 weeks ago #thestruggleisreal

    Glad you had an amazing birthday! Sometimes low-key ones are the best!